About Us

JB Equestrian (JBEQ) is owned and operated by Jacqui Basquil and run out of her family property in a small village in the Southern Highlands, since 2016. We are located about an hour and a half out of Sydney and two hours from Canberra putting us in a prime position for many events around the state. 

Jacqui was born with her passion for horses and lucky for her, was taken to riding lesson in Terry Hills at the age of four and had her first pony, Honeybell by five. There haven't been many days since that she hasn't been riding.   


After finishing school at Oxley College, Jacqui has had experience under many professionals around the world. These include;

  • Tinney Eventing as a working student for 4 months.

  • Tom Brodie's Polo Yard in Dorking UK 2 months .

  • Tiana Coudray's eventing yard in UK where she had the opportunity to ride some top quality young horses as well as Tiana's upper level horses.

  • Dutch Dressage rider Annemieke Vincourt for 8 months.

  • Karim Fares Showjumping yard in Netherlands for 8 months 

  • Alex Townsend at Wallaby Hill

  • Event rider Annabel Armstrong

  • Dressage coach Jacqui Van Monthfrans 

  • Jumping coach Stephen Dingwell

  • Dressage coach Janice Usherwood


She is currently completing the EA coaching level 1 course to improve her skills as a coach and a horse professional. 


Today, Jacqui's focus is to continue to study the classical dressage theory and practices of the training scale to best pass on knowledge. This forms the foundation for all disciplines of riding. She aims to create a positive learning environment for the JBEQ community to succeed.   

With her team of horses she has ambition for reaching top level Dressage and Showjumping. 

Her current horses include JB Django, Kookai and Bloomfield Fiadora.

Django is a 6yo homebred TBxWB out of a Vivant mare by Another Warrior. While Django is 3/4 thoroughbred and is bred to event, he is a big moving powerhouse that Jacqui has decided to develop for his dressage career. In his early life, he competed up to prelim level eventing but was cut short when Jacqui decided to specialise in dressage and showjumping alone in 2018. With many years as a big gangly baby he was taken slow to allow time to develop and strengthen. Dressage arenas were a struggle for him to canter in as well as fitting two strides in a one stride distance! He appears very big and powerful but is one of the most cuddly horses we have. 

Kookia or Cookie as we like to call her is a 9yo Warmblood mare by Ego Z Charlemayne bought at the end of 2019. She is a compact, very pretty, pocket rocket! Her career could go in either direction as she is mesmerizing to watch in the dressage arena and has a heart of gold when she starts jumping. We have high hopes for her in the jumping arena. She certainly loves her work and we love working with her. 


Bloomfield Fiadora or Fifi was bought at the end of 2019 as a 2yo in hopes she would be developed into a dressage horse. Typical of a Bloomfield horses, she has a beautiful nature and very easy to deal with. We are dying to see what she has to offer when we break her in at the end of 2020. 


We hope the story has just begun for Jacqui, her horses and her students so come along for the ride!