Sasha O'Donnell - Hong Kong 

I was fortunate to have my horse cared for by Jacqueline Basquil at JB Equestrian for a period of around two years.


Our time with Jacq was a happy and successful time. I lived overseas and kept my warmblood mare in Australia so it was important for me to have confidence in the care she received in my absences. From the outset, my mare was simply content staying with JB Equestrian. She arrived at JB Equestrian a little “green”. I am an older rider and needed, not just agistment, but also the support of a more experienced rider than myself to bring her along. During her time working with Jacq, my mare made outstanding progress developing through the dressage levels and, more importantly, I was also able to develop my skills in managing her as a rider. She was well cared for in every respect and this dedication to her care was reflected in her manners on the ground as well as the progress she made in her dressage work. 


JB Equestrian is a family business which can be a huge benefit in challenging times. This benefit was brought into sharp contrast during the bushfire season of 2019/20. I was overseas at the time and was impressed and humbled by the dedication of Jacq and her mum Belinda as they managed this terrible situation. Care of the animals was their number one priority. They were forced to evacuate the property three times. In this time of stress, fear and lack of sleep, these strong women rallied and really rose to the occasion.


I was always made to feel at home on the JB Equestrian property at Avoca. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anybody needing adjustment, training or both. I will always be grateful for the support and friendship I received at JB equestrian.


-Sasha ODonnell

Sasha and her beatiful mare Kiss

The Basson Family - Southern Highlands

The girls and I wanted to say a huge thank you for having our horses at JB Equestrian for the past 12 months. Thank you for caring for our horses in every way. We’ve had to face many equine issues over the past year but your calmness, knowledge and kindness  helped us through. I can highly recommend your equestrian centre with it’s beautiful arena, great lessons for the kids, training of our new pony and a choice of paddocks - with or without shelters.


Many thanks


Maya and Monte XC training at Wallaby Hill
Annika and Bandit-bob in a lesson